Ever wonder how we get these RAW files/videos? Ever wonder if we make any money or
have personal lives (work, school, family).
Well, we make no monetary gain from fansubbing/ripping. Most of our time, effort
and money is done purely for the love of spreading English subtitled Tv dramas
to fans.

Usually Japanese DVDs cost anywhere from $100-$300 US dollars for a complete
TV drama. Korean dramas are a little more easy on the wallet, and usually go
for $50-$100 US dollars. As far as ripping goes, there’s a kind soul in Hawaii
(SHD), who has been capturing, authoring DVDs, and burning DVDs and sending
them to SARS on the mainland. He has spent vast amounts of his free time, money
(for blank discs and shipping costs) to provide us with these wonderful English
subtitled Korean TV dramas.

Anyway, we do not expect donations but will gladly accept them. Many thanks to those that have generously donated.
Donations will be put towards acquiring RAW japanese or korean TV drama DVDs.
Below you will find our goals and purposes.

Our Goals

RAW Japanese
Drama DVDs

Estimated Cost(s): $100-$300 per drama series (10-12 episodes worth)

Purpose: To sub Japanese Dramas that haven’t been subbed yet and share with
Current Project(s): Gokusen S2, IWGP.
Completed Project(s): Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake, Gokusen S1, Sekachuu.
Future SARS project(s): UTSR.

RAW Korean Drama DVDs

Estimated Cost(s): $50-$100 per drama series (16-24 episodes worth)
Purpose: To sub Korean Dramas that haven’t been subbed yet and share with
Current Project(s): Dating Now.
Completed Project(s): (N/A)
Future SARS project(s):

MSI Mega (P4 machine)
Estimated Cost: N/A
Purpose: w00t! I finally saved up enough money from working to get another
comp. Also received money from taxes! yeah!

Panasonic DVD recorder
Estimated Cost: N/A

Purpose: A better alternative was found.
Current Project(s): Hot Tropical Nights in December, Yoshitsune.
Completed Project(s): What Happened In Bali, Oh! Pil Seung, Prince’s First
Love, Sad Love Song.
Future SARS TV-rip release(s): Tell me you love me?

If you have enjoyed SARS-Fansubs releases so far (ie. Gokusen, Kamisama mou
sukoshi dake, Orange Days, What Happened In Bali, Oh! Pil Seung, and Prince’s
First Love), then help out by donating!! :)

PayPal Donations

03-15-2004 Q_B $20.00 (First donation @ amrayu creationz)
05-16-2004 H_L $20.00 (2nd donation @ amrayu creationz)
05-19-2004 B_S $30.00 (3rd donation @ amrayu creationz)

01-20-2005 N_J $10.00 (1st donation for SARS!)
01-22-2005 A_I $10.00 (Whee!! 2nd one!)
03-09-2005 V_K $20.00 (W00T!! Thanks!)
03-21-2005 E_L $10.00 (Many Thanks!!)
03-27-2005 P_H $25.00 (Cam on anh!)
03-29-2005 J_W $25.00 (Thank you for your support!)

04-07-2005 B_C $20.00 (Thanks!)
04-11-2005 F_L $20.00 (Thanks Thanks!)
04-14-2005 N/A $25.00 (Anonymous donation. :))
04-15-2005 E_L $10.00 (Thanks!)
04-16-2005 D_A $05.00 (Every bit counts!)
04-25-2005 J_N $100.00 (Truly amazing! Thank you for a very generous donation!)

04-26-2005 A_M $24.00 (THANK YOU!!! :))
04-26-2005 B_V $100.00 (WOOT! Another truly generous donation! THANK YOU!)
04-27-2005 J_C $30.00 (Thank you!!! More Yoshitsune for you. LOL.)
05-03-2005 D_B $10.00 (THANKS!)
05-04-2005 J_N $50.00 (Doumo arigato gozaimasu!)
05-16-2005 P_N $30.00 (Thanks! :))

07-03-2005 M_M $30.00 (sorry for not updating earlier! Thanks!)
07-05-2005 H_G $10.00 (Thank you!)
07-06-2005 E_L $15.00 (Thanks!)
07-15-2005 T_M $20.00 (Thanks for the support)
08-12-2005 D_H $20.00 (We appreciate the support)
08-12-2005 D_H $20.00 (We appreciate the support)

11-18-2005 Y_A $10.00
11-24-2005 A_V $15.00
11-25-2005 C_T $20.00
11-28-2005 S_N $50.00
12-16-2005 T_N $25.00
02-18-2006 Q_B $05.00

03-23-2006 S_B $10.00
03-25-2006 N_N $25.00
03-31-2006 D_M $10.00
04-03-2006 I_K $20.00
04-09-2006 B_G $10.00
04-09-2006 A_P $05.00

05-03-2006 J_R $10.00
05-15-2006 L_F $25.00
06-20-2006 A_L $05.00
07-30-2006 W_D $10.00
09-04-2006 B_P $20.00
09-06-2006 S_R $20.00

09-10-2006 A_K $20.00
10-02-2006 J_E $10.00
10-15-2006 Q_B $10.00
10-17-2006 L_S $15.00
11-03-2006 K_L $20.00
11-11-2006 B_G $20.00

12-03-2006 D_H $20.00
12-13-2006 S_C $05.00
12-26-2006 L_S $10.00
12-29-2006 L_J $30.00
01-04-2007 A_O $25.00
01-13-2007 B_G $20.00

01-14-2007 R_W $10.00
01-17-2007 C_T $20.00
01-19-2007 R_M $25.00
01-22-2007 M_I $10.00
01-29-2007 N_M $05.00
01-29-2007 M_C $25.00

01-30-2007 C_C $10.00
02-03-2007 R_S $20.00
02-07-2007 S_H $20.00
02-08-2007 S_L $10.00
02-10-2007 B_G $20.00
02-16-2007 A_M $10.00

02-18-2007 S_W $05.00
02-20-2007 W_M $15.00
02-21-2007 C_L $50.00
02-21-2007 F_E $20.00
02-22-2007 B_B $20.00
02-22-2007 S_M $20.00

Thanks for ALL the donations!! You guys get smooches!

Total Paypal Donations Received: $1504.00

Other Donations

If you want to donate RAW dvds, computer parts, cash (check/money order)and
arm and a leg. Just contact me at amrayu AT hotmail DOT com.

FTP: Thanks to Groink for supplying us with a FTP!!
Website/forum: Additional Thanks to Ruroshin for giving us some website space.
Dating Now DVDs: Pockiee

Cash Received:
01-22-2005 O_G $15.00 (Thanks!)

01-22-2005 SHD $10.00 (Thank you Hawaiian buddy!)
03-28-2005 N/A $20.00 (A person who wants to remain anonymous… THANK YOU!)

Total $$ Donations Received: $45.00

Incentives through Yesasia Associate Program:

Don’t have anything
to donate but would like to help still? Then there’s another alternative.
Through the Yesasia Associate Program, whatever you buy from Yesasia via the
link here at SARS, we receive a small percentage from those Yesasia sales.
Not only do you receive the Asian products at normal prices, but you help
out SARS-Fansubs as well!! So, if you want to buy anything from Yesasia, be
sure to buy via our Yesasia Associate Link HERE. OR to get to Yesasia.com click on any of the banners that you see
at SARS (like the one on the bottom). 😉

Total YesAsia Commissions Received: $79.63

Incentives through Google Ads:

Now supporting SARS-Fansubs has gotten easier! By visiting our site and clicking on the banners, you are helping us earn Google cash.


Total Google Ad Commissions Received: $137.28


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