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Last Present starring Amami Yuki

Last Present starring Amami Yuki

Drama Information

Drama Wiki
Title: Last Present
Title (romaji): Rasuto Purezento
Format: Drama Series
Genre: Human

Synopsis: Asuka (Amami), an architect, had deserted her family, former husband Satoshi (Sasaki) and daughter Ayumi (Fukuda) as she could not tolerate raising children. But when she is diagnosed with terminal cancer, she begins to plan the way to make her daughter love her always… Especially because Satoshi is planning to get married to Yuri (Nagasaku), and is already getting Ayumi to know her more… Asuka’s on/off sex partner, Rentaro (Kaname) is concerned about her, but she can’t even bear to tell him about the illness… — Drama Wiki

Amami Yuki as Hiraki Asuka
Sasaki Kuranosuke as Oda Satoshi
Nagasaku Hiromi as Momose Yuri
Kaname Jun as Aki Rentaro
Fukuda Mayuko as Oda Ayumi
Sudo Risa as Hirokawa Kurumi
Tabata Tomoko as Hiraki Ayane (Asuka’s sister-in-law)
Matsushige Yutaka as Koshigekuchi Yutaka
Nakajima Hiroko as Ushio Kanako
Fukaura Kanako as Takahata Mane
Masu Takeshi as Dr. Sawaguchi Hisao
Omori Akemi as Hiraki Nobuko (Asuka’s mother)
Hayashi Yasufumi as Hiraki Noboru (Asuka’s brother)
Hiraizumi Sei as Hiraki Kiyotaka (Asuka’s father)
Takahashi Kento

Additional Notes

Download the batch torrent which includes Japanese subtitles and then download the English softsubs. If you do not want the Japanese subtitles, deselect them when you first download the batch torrent. Use VLC (Video Lan Controller) to play the video and select the English softsubs.

Fansub Credits

Translator and Editor: amrayu
Timer: slaw

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Batch Torrent (includes Japanese subtitles): SD (Nyaa)

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  • Dird

    Why is Last Christmas not on the torrent list anymore? It was there a few years ago so already subbed :3

  • Tricia Wong

    Where can I find the Eng Sub for Last Present ep 7 to ep11 ?? Please help, thanks a lot!

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  • Tricia Wong

    Dear SARS-Fansubs, will you be continue to sub Last Present ep 7-11?