Hello Everyone!

Long time no see. :) I’ve been busy with being pregnant, then giving birth, and then caring for my newborn daughter and two year old son for the past couple years. As a result of this, I haven’t been able to fansub as much as I’d like. I did manage to completely translate an episode of Last Present starring Amami Yuki though and it’s now with our timer, slaw.

Last Present starring Amami Yuki

Last Present starring Amami Yuki

On a side note, time is so finite and we’d love to have more of it to fansub because we enjoy it so much. After stumbling upon some Patreon pages (ie. https://www.patreon.com/wotaintranslation), I was tossing around the idea on Twitter of starting one for fansubbing. Personally, we do not need the money nor do we want to profit off of dramas, but it would be nice to be able to offset some of the costs associated with fansubbing like server costs, obtaining blurays, subscription costs, etc. So I’m here writing this blog post to solicit ideas from the community and fans.

Here’s some of my initial ideas:
1. Start a Patreon to offset costs.
2. Give Patreon subscribers first-dibs on released subtitles–this gives people the incentive to subscribe.
3. Release subtitles a week or two later to everyone (those who aren’t subscribers).
4. Patreon subscribers get to pick and vote on the next subtitled project.

I need to think about the various “rewards” for different subscription tiers, but the above is what I have so far.

Please comment below and let us know if this is worth doing. We also would love to hear ideas about different “rewards” that we can offer or if you have any other ideas.

Thank you in advance! <3 --amrayu

  • RetroHelix

    I like the idea of saying thank you by giving a donation. So I would also consider becoming a Patreon subscriber.
    I don’t want anything in exchange if I do so but I very much like the idea of being able to vote for your next project by becoming a Patreon subscriber. :)

    • amrayu

      Great! :)

  • Giles Rowan

    If this includes subbing shows as they air, I’m in

    • amrayu

      Yes, it can include current shows as long as no other group/person claims it.

  • Maria J

    When and where should I send my subscription fee.
    I’m totally agree with your idea.

    • amrayu

      I’ll set this up after we finish up Last Present. Thanks for your support!

  • Helene Jiaying Wang

    There’s a lot of good shows coming out now, so hope you will consider fansubbing some of them.. or any series you may like. I will support you!

  • Chocobana

    I’m really sorry to be posting here but I tried going to the forum page linked in the FAQs and it gave me an error.
    It’s just that the Yoshitsune links are all dead. Is it possible for them to be reuploaded? I can’t find the episodes anywhere else. Thank you.

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  • nufazhou

    OMG, i haven’t open and come to your page for a long time. Thus, you already have 2 children. I’m here to say congratulations and I’m happy to hear that! I hope you & your little family will always be happy and healthy! 😍😍