If you don’t know already, D-addicts has closed down it’s torrents section a couple months back. I’ve been around since the beginning when D-addicts was just an idea on Jdorama.com forums. It makes fansubbing tough now, but I guess we’ll continue on.

Anyway, here’s a couple of sites where you can get your drama fix:
Last updated: 7/1/15

Anyone else have sites where they are getting their drama fix? List them in the comments section and I’ll update this list. :)

  • An

    Definitely the end of an era, it’s so hard to say goodbye(Boyz to Men) but it was great while it lasted. Glad yall are still gonna keep subbin. I appreciate it. Thanks.

  • Ains

    I’m really glad that you’ve decided to keep subbing :)

  • Deebee214

    Very heartbroken over the news. D-addicts introduced me to not only Sars fansubs, but also to a wonderful community of individuals just like me. It will be missed, and I do appreciate that Sars is still subbing.

  • Bertiwooster

    Finding D-Addicts and SARS-Fansubs almost ten years ago truly changed my life. It made my world much larger and introduced me to a generous and fascinating community of like minded souls. I very much appreciate your (and other Fansubbers) decision to continue making it possible for others to gain an introduction to these doramas and to the wonderful people that give of their time and effort to bring them to us.

  • Camivette

    Asiatorrents is invite only right now :( would anyone be kind enough to send me an invite, please?

    • Klariz


      • daringdragoon

        no it’s closed. though they said they sometimes open registration on the weekends

    • Klariz

      registration is currently open~

  • daringdragoon

    just saw this news….all i can say is LAME!

  • Agni Olimpia

    Hi, thank you for your dedication!
    Just want to let you know, Honey & Clover torrents now stuck at around 49%. Can you please kindly seed? Thanks!

  • simon

    Damn, The quality of the subbing was top notch. Even better than commercial (though probably illegal) products I’ve bought.
    I’m really sad to see this news

  • SanraS

    I’ve been out of watching Jdorama for several years now, and now that I want to go back its almost impossible to get. can’t torrent while in the USA to avoid any more letters which pisses off the wife, have to find old links at web hosts that are still alive.

    I do remember back in 2002 to 2004 I used irc to get jdorama but lost all my lists of channels and servers, anyone knows if not I think irc could be on option (if not the best option). thanks guys for giving your best to us that otherwise couldn’t get these.

  • Jessica

    can anyone send me an invitation pls ? :<
    i'm cant find the best site to download k-drama :"< .

    • Danie NingKai T-Bear Seamon

      yah, i need your email tho

  • DM0X

    If anyone can invite me, I’d be most appreciative! I just started watching jdorama with CrunchyRoll. Liar Game was fun and I wanted to look into it more but have found it quite difficult to find sites and links =(

    dmjohn0x at gmail dot com

  • muirasan

    Sucks that I just came back and was trying to get into it and I’m having a hard time finding places to dl. If anyone still reads this and can invite me, i’d much appreciate it! muirasan at gmail dot com. Thanks all.

  • izumina

    Can someone invite me to asiatorrents please?
    I will really appreciate your help.

    izumina at ymail dot com

  • Mandi

    can someone invite me to asiatorrents? Much appreciated :) I need my asian drama fixxxx
    mli426 at gmail dot com

    • fluflu jean

      still need invite?

  • bluebell

    can someone invite me to asiatorrents?
    i need some help please *u*
    pinkisheloisa at yahoo dot com
    thank you in advance

    • fluflu jean

      Still need one?

  • Ane

    Can you guys please reseed the dead torrents on nyaa or atleast add them onto asiatorrents?

    Many shows e.g koizora are not seeded anywhere

  • cakeu

    Hello! Can someone also invite me to asiatorrents : ( my email is aznbbygrlx9@gmail.com
    Thank you very much in advance!!!!!!

  • wolfpeach

    I have a leecher status on asiatorrents T_T Is there any other way to change that status, aside from donating? T_T

    • pinoaisai


    • Aquaria

      Seed, stupid.

      This is why it’s so hard to get into AT now. Too many people invited are nothing but freeloading leechers. That does nothing for the community.

      You want something without giving back, and you deserve to be treated like a pariah for it.

  • Robert James

    I need your help…honey and clover torrent O_O

  • Alexandra Freyja

    Hi there, would anyone be kind enough to invite me to Asia Torrents? alexeatsbooks at gmail dot com

    • Anne623

      I could recommend u if u wish to or anyone else who shares the same interest.

      • Precious

        Could you send me an invite too? :) My email is preciousgan at rocketmail dot com :)

      • Boris Turnsek

        Hi, would be nice if you could invite me too. dhakkini@gmail.com
        Very grateful!

      • crunkbabe

        hi anne could you invite me? i am going crazy trying to find kdrama torrents! its sadrian.hzh@gmail.com

    • Aquaria

      Not on your life.

      It takes too long now to earn the points for invites.

  • Nixen

    please add me also.. been seaching where to dl korean tv shows but none are working.. > kamalahmat010@gmail.com

    • yjspanda

      try dramafire, dramacool or doramax264

  • julie

    someone add me please!

    julieetan at hotmail dot com

  • Paddy Alfan

    avistaz (formerly asiatorrents) has open registration now, so be quick.

  • Chris

    Please add me to avistaz if theres any spare invite! Thanks!


  • Danny Chan

    hoping someone could invite me for avistaz dchan419@gmail.com


  • ここは寒いなぁ

    If someone could please invite me to asiatorrents I’d really appreciate it! It’s really hard to get in without knowing anyone that’s also into jdrama. Thanks in advance!

  • alcaline max

    Help! Can someone could invite me to asiatorrents please! Thanks!

  • Ryoma

    if anyone who ever reads this could be an angel of jdorama and invite me to asiatorrents/avistaz ryoma.emil@gmail.com xoxo

  • Joker

    same here requesting an invite
    I can provide with other torrent sites showing good ratios i keep

  • crunkbabe

    I spend sooo much time trying to find download sites everyday I wish so much for someone to please help invite me into asiatorrent pleaseeeee! its sadrina.hzh@gmail.com xoxoxo

  • Justin F Duncalfe

    Hi there. Can someone please invite me to asiatorrent ..
    My email is jduncalfe@gmail.com

  • Aquaria

    To everyone wanting an invite to Asia Torrents?

    Good luck.

    Invitations now cost AT members 2000 points. Points they have to acquire by uploading. Most of them won’t waste their points on people they don’t know, and, worse, on people who would probably be a bunch of freeloading leechers. That’s why so many of them will only give an invite to someone they know in the real world, not to strangers on the internet.

    Want to join Asia Torrents? Make it a habit to check in at the site for the possibility of open registration. It’s the only way most of you will ever get in.