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ATARU movie starring Nakai Masahiro, Kitamura Kazuki, and Kuriyama Chiaki

ATARU movie starring Nakai Masahiro, Kitamura Kazuki, and Kuriyama Chiaki

Movie Information

Official Site
Title: ATARU: The First Love and The Last Kill
Title (romaji): ATARU: The First Love and The Last Kill
Format: Movie
Genre: Mystery

Synopsis: Ataru, who suffers from “savant syndrome,” has the power to discover, observe, see through, and deduct microscopic evidence of unsolved cases. Why does he always go to the criminal sites? What explains his strange behavior? His sad past will be revealed as the story unfolds.
A mystery unfolds with a woman named Madoka (Maki Horikita), who is a killer, and Ataru (Masahiro Nakai). The woman possesses the same extraordinary memory and deductive reasoning abilities as Ataru. A continuation of the ATARU special. — Asian Wiki

Nakai Masahiro as Ataru / Chokozai
Kitamura Kazuki as Sawa Shunichi
Kuriyama Chiaki as Ebina Maiko
Tamamori Yuta as Ebina Sho
Riju Go as Ebina Tatsuo
Okunuki Kaoru as Ebina Mariko
Shimada Kyusaku as Nakatsugawa Youji
Tanaka Tetsushi as Atsumi Reiji
Chihara Seiji as Nozaki Hasuo
Nakamura Yasuhi as Inukai Koshiro
Shounozaki Ken as Matsushima Kouki
Mitsumune Kaoru (光宗薫) as Ishikawa Yui
Nakamura Masaya as Kuroki Nagamasa
Miyoshi Hiromichi (三好博道) as Tamakura Takashi
Ichimura Masachika as Chokozai’s father
Murakami Hiroaki as Larry Inoue

Additional Notes

File Format:
Subtitles: English Embedded Styled ASS Softsubs
Video: H.264/AVC High@L4.1
Audio: DTS 5.1
Container: MKV

Fansub Credits

ATARU: The First Love and The Last Kill Movie 2013
Translator and Editor: amrayu
Timer, Typesetter, QC, and Encoder: slaw

Torrent Links

ATARU Torrents
SD: Not Available!
HD (Nyaa)

Softsub Links

We’re providing the softsubs for the movie below, but we won’t be providing links to the RAWs. They are floating around the internet, so you can search for it or download the version we’ve uploaded at Nyaatorrents. If you’d like to sync the timings to other versions and reshare them, please go ahead.
ATARU Softsubs
Simple Softsubs (no typesetting/basic positioning)
Fancy Softsubs (typesetting/font pack included)

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