Last November I wrote a tutorial on how to use Google Reader to download torrents from D-addicts. This is especially helpful if D-addicts is down and you need that drama fix. Since D-addicts doesn’t host any torrents, torrents can still function normally… meaning you can still be downloading!

But now that Google has decided to kill off Google Reader, my older post isn’t of much use now, is it?

So here’s a spanking new tutorial on how to use Feedly in place of Google Reader.

1. Go to and download the browser extension. Feedly’s site is smart enough to recognize what browser I’m using, in this case Safari.


2. Once the extension has been downloaded, go to the file where it is saved on your computer and double click it. This will automatically install the extension on your browser.


3. Your browser will now be redirected to the Feedly homepage as seen below.
If you’re new to this and do not have a Google Reader account, click the LOGIN button to create a new account. Then skip to step 4A.
If you’ve followed my previous post on how to use Google Reader to grab torrents from D-addicts, then click the CONNECT TO GOOGLE READER button and continue on. We will proceed to connect our Google Reader account to Feedly.


4. Clicking the CONNECT TO GOOGLE READER button will result in a pop-up as pictured below. Feedly is requesting some basic permissions from your Google Reader account. Please click the ALLOW ACCESS button.
Google Reader importers skip steps 4A and 4B below.


4A. If you’re a new user and not importing from a Google Reader account, then add the D-addicts RSS feed manually by clicking ADD WEBSITE in the left navigation towards the top.


4B. First the right popup will appear.
Input the RSS feed link for D-addicts:
Under the SITES section, the D-addicts RSS feed appears. Click the PLUS icon to add the feed.
This brings up another popup on the left. You can either create a new category or add the D-addicts feed to an existing one.
Click the UPDATE button at the bottom.


5. All of your feeds will now be populated in Feedly in the left navigation in the middle by category. Clicking a category will reveal the different feeds within that category. My D-addicts RSS feed is located in an UNCATEGORIZED category. Click the D-addicts RSS feed link.


6. By default you will see the feed like pictured. This is the default layout which Feedly calls the “magazine layout.” The highlighted boxes are all the current torrents on D-addicts shown in chronological order.
To change the layout, click the cog wheel icon in the upper right corner. The other layout options are: Titles, Mosaic, Cards, and Full Articles.


7. To download a torrent in magazine layout, click on any of the titles, and you’ll see a popup as featured. It’s very similar to Google Reader as you can see. The torrent links are listed below in green and we have 2 options here: Torrage and Zoink. They are the same torrent, so click to download either.


To download a torrent in titles layout or more commonly known as “list view,” you can either click the title to get a popup and download from the Torrage and Zoink links or hover over a title and click the first icon. Unfortunately, it looks like the 2nd option will not work because Torcache is dead. :( But this is something useful to remember if D-addicts removes those Torcache links later.


8. Next we will learn how to search our D-addicts feed for existing torrents!
Click on this starburst icon to the right.


9. Clicking the starburst icon brings this popup up.
Let’s search for the drama, “Glass Mask.” Type that into the search field.
Several options will now appear without even hitting enter.
If you have several other torrent feeds in your Feedly account, select the first option “glass mask in my feedly” under the FIND ARTICLES section.
But since we want to search within D-addicts, we’re going with the 2nd option “glass mask in this section only.”
A note, there’s other sections like TOPIC and SITES. You can add other sites if anything piques your interest.


10. These are our search results below. Click the title to expand and download from Torrage or Zoink like we did previously.


And that’s it! You’ve diverted a catastrophe by importing your Google Reader feeds to Feedly! Once Google Reader is officially shut down, you won’t need to worry about your feeds disappearing.

I hope you’ve found this post useful. If you have any questions feel free to post in the comments below.

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  • Insainee

    Hi I’m new to this kind of things but is feedly like utorrent/bittorrent that directly downloads the torrent to the computer?

    • Notinsaine

      No, feedly is a RSS reader like ‘Google Reader’. It can show you the newest articles (or, in this case, LINKS to the torrents) from a certain website. You would still need uTorrent/Bittorrent/Vuze etc. to download it based on the torrent file.

  • Littlefatman

    Thanks for this! Is there a way I can connect feedly to my torrent client and automatically download everything?

  • dramafan


    The above information is dated 2013. Does it still work with d-addicts now that the torrents page there has been removed?

    Because I installed Feedly just now. Its interface has changed in the meantime from the above description, but I tried to do equivalent steps at each stage. Only 9 or 10 items in the D-Addicts RSS feed show up, all of which are the last feeds in November. I am unable to find any earlier drama titles that I looked for in the d-addicts RSS feed when using the Search in section option. No search results turn up.

    Are older RSS entries from D-Addicts’ RSS feed no longer available? And do the torrents there work? (For instance, there were 0 trackers for one drama that I found by searching Google for its cache of earlier D-Addicts’ RSS feed entries.)

    Sorry for the many questions. Any answers you could provide would be useful.

    And in case I’m too shy to leave other messages: Amazing subbing work by the way. I really enjoyed those fansubbed dramas of SARS-Fansubs that I have watched so far.

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