As many of you know, D-Addicts is down and no it’s not because of copyright or cease/decease letters. I’ve been updating the SARS-Fansubs Twitter feed whenever I hear from Ruroshin, the founder of D-Addicts.

As of today, the site is still down and based on an update from Ruroshin over at, the server hardware is toast.

To quote Ruroshin directly, “The problem is a hardware problem and it doesn’t look like it will be resolved anytime soon. I have ordered another server and it’s due tomorrow but it will still take time to setup everything up again. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Luckily, thanks to Keiko1981, she posted this play-by-play of the events surrounding the D-addicts outage and she’s found a nifty way to pull D-addicts torrents indirectly via RSS feeds.

Here’s how you do it, find any RSS reader and subscribe to:

Here’s a mini guide on how to do it using Google reader. Click on images for a larger preview.

1. If you have a Google Gmail account, login here:
If you don’t have an account, either sign up or find some other RSS reader.

2. Next, hit the big orange SUBSCRIBE button in the left navigation bar. A text box will pop up. Copy and paste: into the text box and hit the ADD button.

3. Now the D-addicts RSS feed will populate your screen! Below is a screenshot of the expanded view of the feed. By default the feed will list everything in chronological order. Highlighted below in the screenshot are some basics.

4. To search for specific titles, type the drama title in the search bar at the top. If you have other feeds in your reader, hit the arrow for a drop down window and select the D-Addicts RSS feed. You can double check if it’s selected by hitting the arrow again and check that there’s a checkmark next to it.
After that hit the blue magnifying glass SEARCH button or hit your ENTER key. (Note that the listing below is now in LIST VIEW versus EXPANDED VIEW.)

5. Finally here’s the search results for the drama Priceless. Scroll down to see more! And click the little gray arrows as shown below to download your torrent. I hope this mini tutorial was helpful! Feel free to comment or ask questions here.

  • Sdadas

    very helpful. thanks mate

  • Ruly

    Is it gonna display only torrents from before the website went down? or also from after?

    • The torrents displayed will be before the website went down because no one was able to upload anything to it. Currently, the site is back up though!

  • artax


  • Dee

     very helpful! Thanks tons!

  • Darkice7_12

    thank you so much. that was a very helpful tutorial.

  • T.T.L. N.

    thank you so much  – I just recognized that d-addict is down :( after mysoju another page is down… 

  • Siti Merdewi

    Thank you very are a great help..

  • dorama_of_life

    it seems to be down again :-(

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