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ATARU starring Nakai Masahiro, Kitamura Kazuki, and Kuriyama Chiaki

Drama Information

Information from Wiki
Title: ATARU
Title (romaji): ATARU
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Mystery
Episodes: 11
Viewership ratings:
Broadcast network: TBS TV
Broadcast period: 2012-Apr-15 to N/A
Air time: Sunday 21:00
Opening theme: Jiyuu e michizure by Shiina Ringo

Synopsis: Ataru, who suffers from “savant syndrome,” has the power to discover, observe, see through, and deduct microscopic evidence of unsolved cases. Why does he always go to the criminal sites? What explains his strange behavior? His sad past will be revealed as the story unfolds.
An explosion occurs at a chemical factory, leaving one person dead. The investigation team concludes that it is merely an accident, but Ebina Maiko has her doubts. When she goes to the site again, she finds a man who introduces himself as “Chokozai.” After blurting out a series of words that Maiko cannot understand, he suddenly falls asleep. Maiko decides to look up the meaning of these words. She is taken aback when she discovers that when put together, these words provide the key to solving the case. — TBS via Drama Wiki

Nakai Masahiro as Ataru / Chokozai
Kitamura Kazuki as Sawa Shunichi
Kuriyama Chiaki as Ebina Maiko
Tamamori Yuta as Ebina Sho
Riju Go as Ebina Tatsuo
Okunuki Kaoru as Ebina Mariko
Shimada Kyusaku as Nakatsugawa Youji
Tanaka Tetsushi as Atsumi Reiji
Chihara Seiji as Nozaki Hasuo
Nakamura Yasuhi as Inukai Koshiro
Shounozaki Ken as Matsushima Kouki
Mitsumune Kaoru (光宗薫) as Ishikawa Yui
Nakamura Masaya as Kuroki Nagamasa
Miyoshi Hiromichi (三好博道) as Tamakura Takashi
Ichimura Masachika as Chokozai’s father
Murakami Hiroaki as Larry Inoue

Additional Notes

File Format:
Subtitles: English Embedded Styled ASS Softsubs
Video: H.264/AVC High@L4.1
Audio: AAC-LC
Container: MKV

Fansub Credits

Translators: 8thsin (1-4), amrayu (5-6), dorakura (6-11)
Timer, On-screen Typesetter, Encoder: slaw
Dialogue Typesetter: kandi
Editor, QC, Dialogue Typesetter: amrayu
Editors, QC: 8thsin (5), dorakura (6)

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The first is a magnet URL, the last 3 are links on different hosts. All links are the same.
ATARU Torrents
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HD (D-addicts): 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 (final)
HD (Nyaa): 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 (final)

Softsub Links

Softsubs synced to these RAWs. Be sure to download and install the font pack from the first episode.
ATARU Softsubs
01-11 (softsubs only batch) 01-11 (fonts only batch)
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11

  • Amane Misa

    Thank you very much.
    And I’m waiting for your translation that is more than impressive accuracy
    Anoo… I want to ask when will put the next episode

  • Anonymous

    What ever happened to IRC? I’m in a position where I can’t use BT and loved the fact this group had an IRC presence.

    • It was a perk to have an IRC channel with bots that served most of our files, but the bots did cost money and this is purely a hobby for us. =/
      Also, the person in charge of the bots is MIA… so that means no more bots. :(

  • waaaa…Thank you!

  • 7970

    Any news yet on direct download options?

    • Sorry no news on that since we haven’t had any suggestions on what to use!

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  • Anonymous

    First HD link is broken :( perhaps the thread changed or was removed?

    • Sorry about that. Looks like there’s some sort of D-Addicts database issue with that torrent for some reason. It’s fixed now!

  • Aya

    Thanks for subbing this drama series… will episode 4’s soft subs be out soon? Looking forward to it!

  • I want to thank SARS for subbing this great drama! =)

    But I’m wondering when the subs for ep 4 will be up?

  • Anonymous

    when is the ep4 sub will be released?

  • qncitgds

    Hmm… 4 episodes behind. Is there a reason for this big delay ?

    • Our translator moved to another city and he was also preoccupied with Diablo 3. :p Episode 4 was just released today, btw!

  • Al

    just say if you resigned from subbing it so somebody else can do it

    • We have no intentions of resigning… Episode 4 was just uploaded last night!

  • Brian

    amrayu i missed you

  • A.M

    Pleez say something  T_T

  • Software Company India

    The investigation team concludes that it is merely an accident, but Ebina Maiko has her doubts. 

  • Yunatani

    First,I really thanks for subbing.
    And I’m a Tama’s fan.So I reallly really really wanna sub this film to my laugu,have you share softsub???
    Please please please >_<
    Thank you!!!

  • Thank you very much for subbing this!! You’re great!!

  • Nursejoy

    What’s going on with the rest of eps.?

  • Wamy

    8thsin is come back from diablo world, and I hope you’ll release the rest of episode soon.

    BTW, thanks for subbing

  • dare

    under construction forever?
    what the hell you mean?

    • Yes… forever… If you can come up with an alternative, then feel free to give us suggestions! So far people have only complained that there’s no direct downloads, but they don’t supply us with any suggestions!

  • Mulyadi

    It is a privilege to have this drama fan-subbed by SARS. Say your thank you. No negative comments needed here.

  • Anonymous

    thanks for the ep4! when can i expect for the next episode to be uploaded? 

  • thanks!

  • Meh

    As much as I like sars fansubs at the pace you guys are going I’d prefer someone else subbed Ataru.

  • Ishida

    hmm.. waiting for ep 5 sub, when it will out? 

  • tamanegi

    episode 4 has been deleted. I hope you will reup the links soon. Thanks!

  • Mari-Chan

    Is there any updates for the fifth episode of ataru?
    Please Write some updates T_T

  • dsppt

    how dissapointing SARS it’s take too long, why?

  • Ishida

    hmmm, how about one a week… cant even do that?

  • Mike265

    Can you at least just make the softsub?

  • meowtrox

    looks like amrayu is so busy

  • Thank you SARS for all the fansubs you have done in the past (I watched a lot of them)
    Thanks in advance for all the fansubs you will do in the futur (I’m sure I will watch a lot of them too)

    And good luck with whatever you’re doing right now !

    SARS doesn’t owe me anything, but I’m glad for all the fansubs.

    I got a little depressed by the tone of some comments :(

    (I hope my english makes sense)

  • Nobuopaulo

    Waiting for episode 5 and rest of Ataru!   


    Very Interesting Drama…. hopefully we’ll get the subs before Christmas 2012…dont want my donation to go to waste otherwise i’d rather donate to the translator personally for subs…. and thanks for the subs…. I know you work hard but as most dramas state “if you do something do it to the end and have no regrets with no half assed-feelings.”

  • Alwin Roe

    Any idea why Ebina was ‘nyaa’-ing after stuffing herself with the bento?

  • ikiro

    You’ve made a great choice with this dorama. It’s really interesting, very well filmed and the cast has great chemistry.
    THANK YOU so much for your effort, I really enjoy this tv series thanks to your hard work. ^^
    PD: According to hosters’ suggestions, I use 4shared and Narod lately.
    4shared doesn’t delete the files even without downloads, you must only open the account once every 6 months. But free accounts are only 15 Gb.
    Narod allows big files and they’re not deleted during 90 days without downloads, in a free account.
    Hope this can help. Cheers!! :)

    • Thanks for your suggestions. We’ll have to see if these hosters fit our needs.

  • User

    Hi! Could you please re-upload the font pack + soft subs for episodes 1-3?

  • Shoes And Me Run Tea

    could you continue to subs this drama..?
    i love this drama..
    thanks for your hardwork..

    • We are continuing it. We actually released ep6 about an hour ago. For more recent updates, check our Twitter: @sarsfansubs:twitter 

      • KukiMunstr

        Do you guys also update your FB page too?

  • Shoes And Me Run Tea

    Thank u

  • Anna

    Can anyone pls help to seed Ataru Ep01 – 04, I just cannot complete dl after so long. Thank you so much.

  • black

    thnx for hardworking
    we appreciate it 

  • KukiMunstr

    How soon should we expect the rest to come out? 

    • That depends on our current translator at the moment.

  • Did anyone else catch the girl down the hall with the red suitcase throwing confetti up in the air at 24:45 of episode 6? LOL

  • Yumi 98

    How soon should we expect the rest to come out? 

    • sue lily

      i have sub for ep7, give me your email, but not as good as others..

  • Raisa Nellwyn

    Thank you~!! 😀 Taking the hard subbed version! :)

  • excuse me~ how can i get the eng sub pliss. i really love this drama. it mind-blowing hahaha. plis i need eng sub for ep 04 untill ep 06.

  • Shoes And Me Run Tea

    Thank u engsub ep 7  finally come out

  • babysbreath

    Thank you for sharing the subs… =)

  • Thanks for subbing this series. It was really good, and your subs are excellent as always.  Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next project. ^.^

  • Damn, the death in ep 9 was horrific.

  • Baragon63

    Awesome work on the series, and with Ep 11 now on D-Addicts and the subs here, Christmas came early this year :-) Thank you so much!

  • Susan Miranti

    Thank u..thank u..thank u..

  • Hattori Hanzo

    please sub ATARU SP 2013

  • rhyLLe

    hope you can have time to sub ATARU SP 2013.


  • Smapfan5respect

    Please sub the ATARU Sp 2013.  ONEGAISHIMASU

  • MegumiKatori

    Yes, please sub ATARU sp.  Thanks

  • Mi-chan

    I know this is belated, as I watched this with your subs months ago, but thank you so much for the subs ^^ My Japanese is not good enough for me to be able to understand everything in shows like this, because it has such an obscure vocabulary. I’m excited for the Ataru sp. subs, I’ve already watched it but missed quite a bit of what’s going on xD

  • Jazy

    I can’t wait for the Ataru film!

  • Hi guys~ I was wondering if someone can see ATARU eps1 from Nyaa or D-addict? Currently this is the only episode left that is not going at all. I am seeding the rest of the series :)

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