We’re back from our hiatus! It’s been a long time and we’ve been enjoying our time off… catching up on dramas, TV, books, anime, and life!

Now down to business:

  1. Fansubbing: Yes, we’re working on something right now that’s from the current season. I’ll let you guys guess what it is. :)
  2. File distribution: Torrent is our only viable source at the moment. I’m wary of using any of the free hosting sites since the Megaupload debacle. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment below.
  3. File format: Our new project will use a new format!

PS. Kaeru no Oujo-sama is an awesome series–(that we’re not subbing)! LOL! Watch it if you can because BOSS (aka. Amami Yuki) is in it.

  • 1. Please be Papadoru!

  • Rgveda

    Please Trick Movie 3 :)

    Saka no ue no kumo would also be nice :)

  • yuki_shio

    I was wondering about your new project ever since you mentioned something like that on twitter. But looking at the fansub map, after a pretty weak start this season, there’s not much left.
    So maybe Tsumi to Batsu, as it just started airing…

  • Digidestinedsakura2000

    Good to see you guys are still up and running!

    I was wondering if you guys were going to consider subbing Liar Game: Reborn. It’s the second movie and just came out in March 2012 (don’t know when they’ll release a DVD).

    I know you guys subbed the second season and the first movie, so I was just wondering if you were going to sub this movie as well, like completing the collection (though I heard there were specials/spinoffs from this movie floating around as well).

    • I keep hearing about this movie. But who is in it? I’m not too interested in the spin-offs because I enjoy the main characters played by Matsuda Shota and Toda Erika.

      • Matsuda Shota’s still the lead actor in the 2nd movie, but Kanzaki Nao won’t be appearing anymore and was changed to a character played by Tabe Mikako. :)

        • NOoooooo… I wanna see Toda Erika!
          We’ll see though… I’ll place it on our potential to-do list.

      • oh please do this i beg you. btw it’s not exactly  a psin-off since the movie and series has a different canon than the manga but the game is based off the manga which is musical chairs so i bet it’s still canon in spirit but of course the plot is kinda jumbled. 

  • Anna Fontanilla

    I wanna thank you already for subbing this!!!! I love Amami Yuki!! I’ve watched Boss 1&2, Gold and I’m currently downloading Around 40. I’m already excited to watch Kaeru no Ojou-sama!!!! ^^

    • Lalala~

      I don’t think they’re going to sub Kaeru no Ojou-sama. I think they said it in the entry and in one of their comments here, too.

      • You’re correct. We’re not subbing Kaeru no Ojousama, but we are subbing ATARU. :)

  • Jack dyson

    Thank you SARS for your quality shows. One problem i have is downloading from irc chnnel, i pasted the command into mirc however nothing seems to happens. i don’t think phylene and hotei bots are working. can you please help. thanks agains.

    • Hi Jack,
      The IRC bots are offline that’s why it’s not working. We’re working on a new way to distribute files, but right now our only viable solution is torrent.

  • natgasm

    i’d be so cool if you’d sub Clover!!

    • Sillyballon

      Yes..i would like  to watch this series too 😛

  • lyntt

    Pls sub Kaeru no Oujosama. Been watching the raw and it’s awesome!!

  • Ionnedarthea23

    Please sub 
    Kaeru no Oujo-sama… No one’s subbing it yet.. I just love Amami Yuki!!! ♥ Btw, I just saw your new spring project on d-addicts [Ataru]!!! Good choice!  I’m watching it as well… =) Thank you for the hardsubs!!! =))

  • Jetchan

    WE MISSED YOU!  Thank you for getting back to fansubbing.. 

  • Yikochan

    yay!! thank you for coming back 😀

  • Mart

    welcome back! will you still be doing Boku no mahou tsukai?

    • Mart

      I guess silence means no :(

  • Magento Development

    thanks. I really happy u r back thanks

  • welcome back guys!

  • Funkycharms23

    Any chance of you subbing Papadoro! , at all? It’s a cute drama, and no one is really subbing it.

  • Mblonyox


    Welcome back guys!!

  • Mssfoxxy

    Hi, I wonder if it possible can I download Galileo again, the media fire is already expired.

  • Ace

    Any chance of subbing Miyamoto Musashi with KimuTaku?