As you may know, most of our direct download links are dead, thanks to Megaupload imploding and we’ve also lost our IRC bot resource! We’ve been wary of hastily reuploading our files to other 1-click hosts because the same thing can happen again, so we’ve come up with an interim fix. For the next several weeks, we will be uploading torrent batches of old releases. If you follow us on Twitter, you’d already know that we’ve started off with Dr. Koto Season 1.

We are very short on resources and would rather concentrate on fansubbing if possible, so we’re enlisting your help!
For the next several weeks, follow us on Twitter and help us seed our releases. We will also continue to update this post with the torrents for easy retrieval. Sharing is caring, right?
Many thanks in advance–we can’t do it without you.

Please note that we’re not going in any real order.
Batched torrents as of 4/13/2014:

  • mulyadi

    Fight-oh. Oh!

  • Fight- oh. oh. haha… Uhm. I’m so hopeful you’re patching the lost copies.. I really wanna have my own copy of Gokusen 3 subbed by you! 😀 Thank you thank you thank you! 😀

  • sarsfan

    yea cant wait to get boku to kanojo to kanojo no michi up

  • Looking forward to Gokusen Season 3! Due to unfortunate events, I lost my copies of Gokusen seasons 1-3, as well as the 2009 Special and Gokusen: The Movie, which makes me rather sad. I’m glad to have this chance to download the Gokusen series once more! Take your time, and thank you for all of your hard work! SARS-Fansubs is the best. :)

  • E-mail

    Oh no.. Looks like you’re in no hurry in re-uploading renowned Sars fansubs from non-working megaupload host, which is BAD. Pity there was not a mirror in a first place. Without working links, this whole site is as good as dead. Please reconsider this waiting-attitude, and take action! Bring back the great reputation of Sars. Let me remind you that there are people who are NOT happy with torrent solution, and a Gokusen at that, of all drama shows, as priority release. Thumps down!

    • People may not be happy with torrent, but you have to realize that’s how SARS-Fansubs started! Everything was on torrent and torrent is still surviving. Megaupload and these one click hosts only came into the picture 2-3 years ago and you can see what happened there. Instead of criticizing, why don’t you come up with solutions, which I asked of fans for months ago when Megaupload died? No one has come up with an easy solution.

      • Email

        I just noticed there appeared mediafire links instead of the megaupload. Thank you! I love you! Thank you!:-))

  • Hero :)

    Please please release a batch torrent for Ryusei no kizuna!! I’m having a hard time downloading a lot of the episodes separately. I’m already seeding Seasons 1&2 of Gokusen! Downloading Gokusen Season 3 now 😀 Thank you so much for everything!!

  • guest

     I just watched Boku to kanojo to kanojo no ikiru michi and and would like to watch the rest of the show but while the magnet links on d-addicts work, there are hardly any seeders/peers.  I would love to see that show get a batch.

  • Cheap Laptop backpacks

    Its Too good to the continues learners


  • Amdpc66

    looking for complete Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri with english subs

    • Hope_This_Helps

       I don’t think these guys are subbing Mikeneko Holmes. I only know of two places to get subs for that drama, STORMY Team (Arashi fansubbers) and some dude on D-addicts. STORMY used to upload the complete drama after it was subbed, but they stopped that a while back because of people re-uploading their subtitles. It sucks, but it’s understandable.

      STORMY requires you to have subbed access after 50 posts on their forum, and the D-addicts guy stopped at 3~4 episodes because s/he was mad at people uploading his/her work on streaming sites. Since I fangirl over Arashi anyways, I joined to forum.

      Anyways, requesting that drama here won’t help XD

    • Anonymous

      Hope this helps is right.

      Stormy is dubbing the subs, and they’re an Arashi-centric site. If you’re an Arashi fan, you know who they are and how to get their subs. If you’re not one… Well, you have to depend on someone with access taking the risk of sharing their files, or the links to them.

      I won’t risk my Stormy access that way.

  • I will wait for Hanazakari No Kimi Tachi E! I’ll help once the reuploaded torrents for this series starts. ^_^

  • Seraphiel

    waiting for 
    Sekai no Chuushin De, Ai wo Sakebu to be reUploaded…

  • Hadyies

    Thanks for all the hard work and for keeping  the subs alive for fans. Fighting! :)

  • Daniel Hernandez

    I still have some old copies on DVD’s…yes…I backup things on DVD’s…but I’m really not to sure how to properly seed them. Can someone link a good tutorial  then I could seed the series I have

  • liar46

    i wanted to ask if there’s any chance of you subbing liar game episode x and zero.

    • リズキ(Rizky H.I)

      i agree, pelase subbing liar game episode zero and the episode X if possible……..thanks 😀

  • Anijamed

    requesting batch torrent for First Kiss Please

  • guest

    great that you guys are reuploading all the series can’t wait for Ikebukuro west gate park

  • i’ll transfer first kiss back to my c-drive tonight and seed after the kids go to bed ^_^

    • Guest

      Thanks for helping out! :)

  • Mistwalker

    Will you return with IRC and the bots? Does anyone know of any Drama channels on irc where can download? Now all the direct download sites are dying or deleting files, and torrents are dead or dying as no one seeds old series. Its annoying that theyre all episode links rather than batches as think more people would be willing to seed the whole series.

    Great to see you batching series up but have most of Sars work already so will try and seed some of these for others.  Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Mónica Salazar

    Where can I find the DD links?
    I mean, others that megaupload…

  • Vv


    When will you Re-SEED LIAR GAME Season 2 Episodes 7-9?

    I really need to download them in HD.


  • itsraining

    Hi guys where can i download hana yori dango 1 & 2? Thx ♥

    • Hana Yori Dango was batched a long time ago. I’ve updated the post with the batch torrent for season 1 above. :)We’ll work on season 2.

  • Young

    where i can download tokyo control?? i really interest to watch this drama.

  • Please Seed Gokusen season 1-3 and Gokusen 2009 Movie 😀 PLEASE, Because It’s freakin slow! Thanks :) God Bless you all

  • Imcesz

    Hana Yori Dango please!!!!

    • Hana Yori Dango was batched a long time ago. I’ve updated the post with the batch torrent for season 1 above. :)
      We’ll work on season 2.

  • Omaenokoto

     hi guys..would really appreciate very much if someone could see karei naru ichizoku from episode 3 onwards…how can nobody share this magnifent drama? :(

    • Omaenokoto


  • Guest

    can you guys upload the ost of ikebukuro west gate park ?

  • Izet_cocoland

    how to download from this web page???
    I’m still blur how to download from here..
    I want Gokusen 3 episode 11..
    Do i need to sign up or something??

  • Jdlgrishanne

    Can you guys please, please re-upload Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu I got it from you guys a long time ago but everything on my hard drive got erased somehow. I was so upset when I found out that I cried. Please, please help.

  • Omgsh, thank you so so so much for doing this! I lost part of my drama archive and it’s been a terrible mission to find some of my lost series again being that I lost them post MU-implosion. DDD: You are a lifesaver! ^^

  • Hi Guys!can you also re-seed Waraeru Koi wa Shitakunai??? :)) Arigatou na~ for the subs :)

  • Catherine

    Thanks for the batch torrent. I shall be patiently waiting for a Ryuusei no Kizuna SD batch torrent. Many thanks once again for being so gracious in the face of so many dead links. 

  • Akinoharu

    Hi, could some one kindly seed Gokusen 2 and 3… It seems to be very slow at the moment.. thanks!!

  • Kevin

    Is it possible to get regatta up and running again

  • Chiaki

    Requesting Galileo batch! Lost it all when my hard disk crashed and it was one of my favourite series. Thanks!

  • Hyuurino

    ryuusei no kizuna please~ I can’t find it in my hard drive now. TT^TT Thanks! and I’ll help to the extent of my ability~ Arigatou!

  • Mel

    The Zettai Kareshi torrent links are gone D:

    I’m sure they worked around a year ago, but now mediafire says they were deleted

    • am_donut

      I’ll ask our staff to upload this as a batch.

  • Christy

    I just download the Gokusen Seasons and the special episodes weren’t in them. I know you guys subbed it since I just watched it on another site.

  • Christy

    Will you add in the Gokusen specials and movie?

    • am_donut

      The movie already had a lot of seeds, so we didn’t batch that. We didn’t work on the specials, so we didn’t post them.

  • Yoh

    thank you guys ^-^

  • An Tracy


  • An Tracy


  • Sazxus

    Thanks! Glad you guys are still doing this!

  • ayase

    hopefully you’ll do batch for byakuyako too. hard to find anywhere else =(

  • baankaiii

    thank you so much please do a batch for zettai kareshi soon <3

  • Joanna Sulit

    I love Zettai Kareshi. Thank You so much for the batch soon!! <3

  • Leecher

    Is there anywhere I can get Hana Yori Dango S1+S2 or if someone could reply and tell me if they decide to ressed it. Thanks!

    • newbie

      Do you have other series that you can share?

  • Yue

    I wish there’s still active seeders for all the dramas. My hard drive crashed and lost everything, though I do have the DVDs, but the subtitles didn’t do any of the drama justice. I think I will always prefer fansubs.

  • hellyeahcorks

    Is there any chance of getting Yoshitsune batch torrents? I have up to episode 32, but am missing 33-49 and can’ seem to find them on any active tracker.

  • Samuel Putra

    any good with Liar Game Season 2? It’s dead everywhere and I’m dying to watch the season :)

  • sionneach

    I NEED TO WATCH IWGP OMG ALL YOUR LINKS ARE DEAD PLEASE HELP I JUST NEED MY SATO RYUTA FIX!!! Does anyone know where to download the full 11 eps?? Veoh only has up to episode 8 ))))):

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