Thanks to all the generous donors who have participated in the brief charity fund that we held here! Thanks to everyone’s pooled efforts we raised roughly $600 with an additional $20 going to the website for their non-profit efforts. I chose to forward the donations to the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California located in San Francisco, California which is local for me.

To read more about the JCCCNC efforts to help Japan in this time of need, visit the following links and don’t forget to donate too!

Here’s a screenshot after making the donation! You can see my name in the lower right corner 😉
Japan Earthquake Relief Fund

Also let’s not forget our list of donors.
Thank you very much! m( _ _ )m
Duong N.
<- LOL. That's me. Also don't forget that we have another post here with additional charities to donate to. And be sure to read the personal plea from a former SARS-Fansubs translator in the comments section.
Here’s her comment:

I know I haven’t been involved with SARS in a year or so, but I want to thank you for posting this, and I would like to thank anyone who has doanted.

I live in Sendai, and lived in Ishinomaki until last year. My family and I are all okay, but I lost several former students, my in-laws lost their country house (they can’t even find where the tsunami carried it to), and the tsunami was a meter high at my old house. Several friends in Ishinomaki, Minamisanriku, and Kesennuma lost cars, houses, businesses, possessions, pets, relatives… At this point, near all of my friends are out of shelters, mostly staying with relatives, but there are still over a hundred thousand people sleeping in school gyms and community centers, a month later.

As time passes, it’s easy to forget about the tragedies that occured far far away a month ago, but we are still just at the very beginning of rebuilding. If anyone sees this, it is still not too late to donate. Everyone here really appreciates it.

-Dynamint (ex-translator)

Again thanks to everyone for participating and raising money for our beloved Japan! It’s never too late to do something.