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At Home Dad Japanese Drama Abe Hiroshi Shinohara Ryoko

We haven't forgotten about you, Abe Hiroshi!

Drama Information

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Title: アットホーム・ダッド
Title (romaji): At Home Dad
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Family, Comedy
Episodes: 12 + 1 Special
Viewership ratings: 16.8 (excluding SP)
Broadcast network: Fuji TV
Broadcast period: 2004-Apr-13 to 2004-Jun-29
Air time: Tuesday 22:00
Theme song: Asayake no Tabiji by Jackson vibe
Insert song: Aishite mo Aishitarinai by Fayray

Synopsis: Kazuyuki Yamamura works at a major advertising agency, and is the breadwinner of his family, which consists of himself, wife Miki, and daughter Rie. He purchases a house, and is proud of being at the pinnacle of his career.
Kazuyuki’s neighbor, Yusuke Sugio, however, leads a completely different life. The breadwinner of his family is his wife Shoko, who runs her own company. Yusuke is a so-called “at-home dad”, and because of this, Kazuyuki considers him miserable and helpless.
Suddenly one day, Kazuyuki is forced to quit his company. At the same time, his wife receives a call from her former employer saying he wants her to come back to work. Consequently, Kazuyuki has no other choice but to stay at home while Miki works. Kazuyuki reluctantly starts his new life as a household husband—the last thing he wanted to do. Fuji TV

Abe Hiroshi as Yamamura Kazuyuki
Shinohara Ryoko as Yamamura Miki
Ando Sakura as Yamamura Rie
Miyasako Hiroyuki as Sugio Yusuke
Nakajima Tomoko as Sugio Shoko
Yoshikawa Fumiki (吉川史樹) as Sugio Ryota
Kawashima Naomi as Iwasaki Marie
Kunitake Hiroshi (國武大志) as Iwasaki Tsubasa
Nagai Masaru as Osawa Kenji
Takizawa Saori as Kuramoto Saeko
Nakamura Shigeyuki as Ueda Satoshi
Fujita Yumiko as Aso Mitsue
Kamiji Yusuke (ep1)
Kobayashi Susumu (ep10)
Omi Toshinori (ep11)
Nakamaru Shinsho (ep11)
Ida Kunihiko (ep11-12)
Nogiwa Yoko (SP)
Sasaki Mao

Fansub Credits

At Home Dad Series
Translator: Senescence
Spot translator: Psiclopz (episodes 9-12)
Timers: yazoo (episodes 1-8), nawidy (episodes 9-12), mint (episodes 9-12)
Editors: junkboy77 (episodes 9-12), chiisana_tantei (episodes 9-12), amrayu (episodes 9-12)
Karaoke Translator: Senesence
QC: amrayu (episodes 9-12), rico2001
Typesetter, Karaoke SFX, Encoder: rico2001

At Home Dad 2004 Special
Translator: Celine
Timer: slaw
Editor, Spot Translator, On-screen Signs Typesetter, Encoder: amrayu
Dialogue Typesetter: kandi
Karaoke SFX: rico2001

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at_home_dad_2004_special_sd[sars].part1.rar (286.1 MB)
at_home_dad_2004_special_sd[sars].part2.rar (286.1 MB)
at_home_dad_2004_special_sd[sars].part3.rar (286.1 MB)
at_home_dad_2004_special_sd[sars].part4.rar (124.98 MB)

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At Home Dad* [12] – Originally subbed by Mugen Dorama
01* 02* 03* 04* 05* 06* 07* 08* 09 10 11 12

At Home Dad Special [1]
2004 (SD format only): Mirror 1, Mirror 2

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