As you can see from the new look and feel of the site, we’re going through a major rehaul.

Site Update

Much of the older content on the site has been wiped out (well, not really, we still have a back up of that), but the main reason for this was the outdated design and ENDLESS spam that infested the comments and forums. A few posts on the site had several thousand spam comments! Anyway, the most important pages (ie. Torrents, IRC bots, FAQs) have been reposted and should be fully functional. A few less important pages like the donation and staff pages were posted too, but need some tweaking still. These pages will be fixed in the next few days.

Forum Update

Sadly, the forum was not maintained either, so posts were riddled with ads for porn, prescription drugs, shoes and all sorts of nonsense! In order to stop all of the spam, I took the forum offline for a few days to clean it up and update the forum software. The update itself was a little painful because the SQL backup didn’t import over nicely, but all is well now.
I’ve debated with myself about keeping the forum open for users to come and be part of a drama community–which was always the intention. But now that I’ve reassessed the pros and cons, I’ve decided that we’ll shut it down. It’s too much maintenance that no one on the team has time for.

So here’s a break-down of what will happen to the forum:

  • No new registrations, posts, comments, blah blah.
  • Existing fully registered users still have access to their accounts (private messages, profiles, etc)
  • Everyone can access and search the threads for archival purposes
  • Direct Download Links category is still only viewable by users with 25+ posts
  • Eventually the Direct Download Links thread will migrate to the main site
  • All existing threads have been locked
  • Unconfirmed users will not be confirmed, but if you want access to the DDL page, please wait till it migrates over to the main site

Just think of the forum being stuck in time and it’s been filed away for posterity. :)
IF enough people feel compelled to keep the forum around, please speak up and I may reconsider. But with the advent of Twitter, FaceBook and other social media sites, I don’t see the purpose of keeping the forum alive. Besides this site was created to provide news and updates about fansub projects. I’d like to focus my efforts on fansubbing and not deleting pr0n threads in a forum. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Fansub Projects

All projects still in queue and nothing has been dropped.

At Home Dad Japanese Drama Abe Hiroshi Shinohara Ryoko

We haven't forgotten about you, Abe Hiroshi!

  • At Home Dad SP (I know, I know)
  • Boku no Mahou Tsukai Drama
  • Dr. Koto Season 2

I may have forgotten a series, but the above dramas are on our radar.
I still need to contact other members first, but we may be recruiting staff in the months to come… stay tuned.

Some projects we’re personally interested in:

  • Trick movie (recent one) – amrayu
  • Freeter, Ie wo kau – slaw

Again, apologies for the lack of updates, we’ve been on an unofficial hiatus and personally I’m enjoying the time off. Just think… we haven’t been on any sort of hiatus since we formed the group in 2004! Well, as one of the original founders of the group, I haven’t.

  • Keep up the good work. Hope to see soon your new work ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Freeter

    Glad to see u guys again:). BTW Pls do Freeter, Ie wo kau :S

  • Please do Freeter also!! =) Nino!! <3

  • Cley

    Thanks for the great work.
    Is there any hope for hitatsu yane no shita 2 ?

  • guest

    Thanks for all the subbing that you do. I wonder why sub groups start projects on dramas that are already subbed, though. It seems like a waste of resources and time.

    • 1. Not all fansubs are created equally .
      2. Not all fansubs are free for all.

      • Erica

        So true. I can’t get at the Freeter subs, so if you guys sub it too, I’d be ecstatic!

  • Doramas

    Thank you guys so much for all the great work you do. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Looking great! Thanks for keeping us updated :) Looking forward to Boku no Mahou Tsukai so much!!

  • I’m glad to see your team back up and running and am looking forward to your next projects!

  • Rgveda

    I have another wish. No Fansubs for this available:

    Saka no Ue no Kumo

    The new Series with Abe Hiroshi (Trick)

    I have the 1080p Raw files, but no subtitles :(

  • Erica

    Thank you for the update! It’s very much appreciated.

  • Whoaheswims

    Please fansub Kami Wo Saikoro Wa Furenai! Its only 9 episodes! The first 3 episodes were done but the rest werent completed by Moshi Fansubs :/

  • Suzumi

    Thank you for the update and good luck with getting everything sorted out~ I got excited when I saw the recent Trick movie as something you might sub! ^^

  • Darryl

    Enjoy the break, seriously looking forward to the Athome Dad Sp and Dr Koto 2. And if it gets supped in the future, Hitotsu Yane No Shita S2!

  • Thank you for sharing

  • Take your time guys.I’m just glad you’re back and running.
    The new site certainly feels… ‘clean’. lol.
    Anyway, welcome back! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Seiryoden

    Thank you so much for the At Home Dad SP! You guys have made my week. Really looking forward to Boku no Mahou Tsukai and Trick ‘cos: Abe Hiroshi = win.

  • Amychan

    SARS has always been my preferred fansub for their excellent subbing work. I hope you guys will keep on going what you do best because you’ll always have my full support!

    And I love the new layout. Very nice and refreshing. Good job!

  • Amychan

    Oh yeah, one more thing. I noticed you guys only have Yamato Nadeshiko episodes up till 4. I’m not sure the reason behind this, but if you need the raw files, I can happily provide for you guys. I’ve bought the DVD set, but unfortunately with lousy subtitles. Let me know if you want them. Actually, I’d be extremely happy if you want to sub them, since it’s one of my favourite series =)

  • You guys are back! SARS is definitely my favorite. No one can make SD version with high quality (yet the size is still bearable) as you guys ^^
    Take your time ^^

  • LoCo

    Wow! I’m so thrilled to read that you’re about to translate “Boku no Mahou Tsukai”! I tried to watch it without subs, but I had to give up. My japanese is not good enough yet ^^ Really looking forward to it!
    Ganbatte! ^^

  • DuneALia

    I’m so happy for SARS and their changes. The comments were getting really out of hand there was an incredible amount of adds. It’s a lot of work for forums, site clean-up, and subtitling let alone doing them at the same time. I agree that the main purpose is for subtitling videos.

    I have been enjoying your work since 2008 and I hope to continue. Yay SARS Fansubs! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • DuneAlia

      I have changed my e-mail and password to stop the spam to my friends and family and would like to delete that account permanently but I’ve also registered in SARS-Fansubs with it. Is there a way to change both (maybe even my username)?

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